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Over Koalified Koala Magnet
Over Koalified Koala Magnet

Over Koalified Koala Magnet

"I'm over-koalified for this crap" You ever feel this way? I know you do.


 Product Review from b:
"My new favorite store!!! Everything I ordered is ADORABLE and shipped to me super fast! Whoever designs to product line has a great personality and keen sense of humor!"

Product Review from Amy:

"I smile each and every time I see this magnet!"


Each magnet and button is high-quality, sturdy, and made to last.

Diameter 2.25"

Made in USA

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I know you will be pleased with your purchase. They make terrific gifts. They are unique and inexpensive; guaranteed to generate smiles.


Pithitude. Laughter you can hold in your hand.


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