Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How soon will my order ship?

A: Typically the next business day. If text customizations have been requested, a day or two will be added, and you will receive an email informing you of the timeline.


Q: How much does shipping cost me?

A: Currently, $3.95 ships your entire order to one address in the U.S., regardless of how many items. Priority Mail is $6.95. We pay the remaining balance.


Q: How long will it take my shipped package to arrive? 

A: Within the U.S., First-Class shipping takes about five business days to reach the East Coast from our location on the Oregon Coast. Priority mail takes 2-3 days.


Q: How will I know if a package I sent to a loved one arrived?

A: You will be emailed a tracking number for your package when it is sent so you can watch its progress on the USPS website.


Q: How well is my order packed? I don't want broken mugs.

A: Your mugs are shipped in form-fitted EPS foam made for us by Big Sky Insulations in Montana. Even the Canadian Postal Service hasn't managed to break these.



Please see detailed return information here:




Q: Do you sell your work in person?

A: Yes. Our showroom (and printing facility) is located at 16340 Lower Harbor Rd. #102, Brookings, Oregon 97415. We are at the Port of Brookings-Harbor, next to The Bell and Whistle Coffee House.


Q: Where else can I buy your products in person?

A: Here is a current list of shops that carry my line:




Q: Can I get a name printed on my mug/shirt/towel/etc? How much extra does that cost?

A: Yes, you can. This is a complementary service. There is a comment box at checkout where you can type in your customization request. Plan on 1-2 days extra production time before shipment.


Q: Can I have an entirely different quote printed with the existing picture?

A: Yes. Same circumstances as adding a name shown above.


Q: Can I substitute my (dog, cat, etc.) photo for the illustration that is on the product?

A: Probably. Email your high-resolution jpeg file to with your request so I can tell you if it will work before completing your purchase.


Q: Will you illustrate my pet from a photo to put on a mug or shirt? How much does that cost?

A: While I have enjoyed offering this service in the past, my work schedule no longer allows for this personalization. Please consider using a favorite photo as mentioned above.




Q: I own or manage a shop and would love to carry your line. How do I order from you?

A: If you are in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana or Alaska, please call my rep group Busch and Slates at (206) 763-8117.

If you are in California, Nevada or Texas please contact One Great Rep at (805) 300-5173.

If you are in New Hampshire please call Brenda Davis at (603) 759-9340.

Elsewhere, please access my wholesale offerings at