About the Artist

Tamara Bissell knows for certain that laughter heals.

In early 2010, after months of suffering the emotional, financial, and mental devastation that comes with the sudden death of a family member, Tamara started laughing - rather maniacally - in the middle of her shift as a medical lab technician.

She realized at that moment that she was still standing. Still functioning (mostly), still providing, and still strong. And what a big, fat, ugly joke this part of her life had been. Unwanted, undeserved, and DONE. It didn't have to be the focus anymore. Even the darkest bits became humorous because they were so twisted and wrong. And they did not define the future.

Tamara bought a button-making machine. She drew tiny little pictures and typed tiny snarky words. She opened an Etsy shop and sold them to people that laughed when they read them. She made magnets, bookmarks, gift bags. Her drawings got better. Her words were still snarky, but less bitter. She laughed more. Her customers laughed, too. They asked for more, for bigger, and she grew.

In 2015, Amazon contacted Tamara and asked her to join them on their new Handmade platform. She did. And she grew. Because laughter heals, and is meant to be shared.

Tamara now runs her business from the Oregon Coast with her husband, Ace. She illustrates and prints, he cooks the mugs and does the heavy lifting. They both laugh a lot.