Reprinted from Insider of Southern Oregon, Feb 2018

Reprinted from Insider of Southern Oregon, Feb 2018


Frequently seen on the Harbor boardwalk last summer showing her multitude of illustrated "Pithitude" mugs, Tamara Kraft has embraced the Southern Oregon scene and is now collaborating with local shops to design products unique to their stores. "In a community this size, it's important that shoppers see something different in each shop. It encourages visitors to return to Brookings as a destination, and keeps things fresh for those of us lucky enough live here," Kraft says.

 Since relocating to Brookings last spring, Pithitude has experienced many successful local showings and strong growth via e-commerce.

 "While my greatest growth financially has been through selling on Amazon Handmade, the time that I enjoy the most in my business is hosting my booth on Saturdays at the Port, meeting the people and laughing along with them when they see my work. I plan to make that time a bigger priority this year." To that end, Kraft says she plans to participate in the local Saturday Market on the boardwalk three times a month this summer, and show at ten regional festivals a year.

 That plan begins this month, where Pithitude can be seen at the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival, happening Feb. 22-25 in Newport, OR. On March 2-4, Tamara and her husband, Ace, will be traveling north to the Custer Arts and Crafts Show in Spokane, WA, and back down to Ashland, OR March 9-11 for the Oregon Chocolate Festival.

 It won't be just mugs on display this year. Kraft acquired new equipment to expand her product line recently. "I'm working on the t-shirt line right now," grins Kraft. That's going to be so fun. Then we're going to expand to canvas prints and wrapping paper. There's so much to do, and I can't work on those projects while we're traveling, but I can at least sketch and plan while Ace drives, so it will work out fine."

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