Pithitude's Gift Guide

Pithitude's Gift Guide

Ahhh, it’s that time of the year, where Christmas décor has been in stores since November 1st, we’re all cold and grumpy, and no one’s started their holiday shopping. Because what are you supposed to get your 99-year-old grandmother who’s still kickin’? What about that frenemy you despise, but always end up as her Secret Santa? Whoever you’re buying for, we’ve got exactly what you need. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a sassy little gift from Pithitude. Read on for the gift guide you’ve always wanted!

First, let’s cover family. Often times they’re the hardest to shop for. I mean come on, what are you going to buy for your dad who has every grill accessory known to man? That’s an easy one actually; give him one of our Pilsner tumblers to keep his beer cold while he’s smoking that holiday ham. Our I am an Engineer design is a classic dad gift.

For your sassy grandma, the Shut Up Lady mug that’ll silence the whole family is ideal. We all know she’s thinking it anyways. And for grumpy grandpa, what about a mug that’ll make him chuckle with every use? The Geezer Tortoise mug will guarantee a laugh or two. We suppose it could work for your older brother as well, so why not get two?

No one is more fun to shop for than your bestie. If they’re a foodie who practically lives in the kitchen, a set of magnets and a few dish towels is the perfect gift. Our Pithitude Emu hoodie is ideal for your adventurous friend, especially if they live in the Pacific Northwest. As for that frenemy we mentioned, our ‘I’m Nucking Futs’ wine tumbler is a perfectly playful gift.

Signed up for an office White Elephant gift exchange? We’ve compiled a selection of gifts that would be perfect to bring. Whether you’ll be shopping with your overbearing boss in mind, or a coworker who’s turned into your go-to confidant, our Monday at the Office collection has the exact present you’ll want to bring. And for those of you working from home, go ahead and get yourself a little something to make those Monday mornings a bit less gloomy.

We hope this guide gave you inspiration for the 2020 holiday season. We all need a bit of humor and cheer, and that’s exactly what Pithitude brings to the table. Ready, get set, gift!