How To Snark Up Your Kitchen

How To Snark Up Your Kitchen

We’re all spending a lot of time at home, and even more time in the kitchen making homemade bread and cookies. So why not spruce up your space with some snarky décor and drinkware? Whether you like encouraging reminders of your worth, or jokes that’ll make you giggle uncontrollably, our collection of mugs, magnets and more has exactly what you need to brighten your time in quarantine.

 We’re nuts for coffee. And tea. And pretty much anything you can put in a mug (mug cake, anyone?). With a cupboard full of our mugs, every time you drink that cup of Joe your mood will be boosted and you’ll have a good chuckle.

 A well-decorated fridge shows off the personality of the house and keeps the important memos front and center. But boring magnets just won’t cut it for those family photos. We have perfectly curated sets of magnets for dog lovers, coffee addicts, and even the grumps.

Dishes. Bleh. The worst chore, in our opinion. When we’re drying dishes with a snarky towel, it gets a little better. As an added bonus, they’re 100% cotton and made in the USA.

It’s no secret that we love a good glass of wine. And in Oregon, we’re all crazy for a robust IPA. Whether you’re drinking after a long day of working from home or need a cup for your next gals night, putting that pinot in a Pithitude tumbler will make you laugh and bring you joy. Camping, anyone? Make sure you have your Pithitude travel tumbler with you.

Whether you’re treating yourself or buying gifts for your favorite people, a print of some sassy cats or lovable pups is the perfect addition to any home. Add a few to your kitchen and your cooking space will be absolutely Pithified. And don’t worry, we won’t judge if you cover the walls with our art. We encourage it!