How to Make Giant Bubbles that Make People Stop and Stare

How to Make Giant Bubbles that Make People Stop and Stare

Lately at the Saturday Market on the boardwalk here in Brookings-Harbor, we've been having a great time entertaining people with this homemade giant bubble kit!

Families, cornhole-players, and the occasional fisherman will stop and cheer on bubbles that seem destined for the hills, as well as giggle and cringe along with us when a rogue bubble lands on the band's sound equipment or inside the door of the closest food truck (sorry, guys!).

Here is what you need to make your own bucket of fun:

1 TBS guar gum (sold powdered in baking aisle with specialty flours)

1 TBS baking powder

1 cup blue Dawn dish soap

1 gallon container

1 gallon water

1 lidded food container to use as dunking bowl

Slowly whisk together ¼ of the water with the rest of the ingredients in your gallon container. Slowly add the remaining water. Works best within one week of mixing. Divide it up in food storage containers to share!

For the wand:

2 narrow dowels, bamboo, or sticks of the same length (about 24 inches)

Approx. 2 yards of cotton string

1 key or metal nut for weight

Thread the weight onto your string. Fold the string in half and attach the loose ends (together) to the end of one stick.

Attach the folded end of the string to the end of the other stick, so that the weight can hang between them, forming a triangle with one side above and two below.

Dip the entire string into your container, raise your arms with your hands close together, then gently spread your arms apart to catch the breeze (Like our friend, Shirley, in the picture). 

Happy bubbling!


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