An Artist's Journey Through the Outbreak

I have to admit to a glimmer of guilty pleasure when we first closed our brick-and-mortar store in response to the outbreak. I wasn't making progress on my to-do list of drawings and I thought this would be a great time to create! But I didn't count on the paralysis that came with the fear of so much change all at once. We were about to have our ten-year celebration party and now we don't know how long the doors will be closed.
It's always hard to create under pressure and the events we are experiencing won't be funny for a while. You may be thinking that they won't ever be funny, but I promise there will be aspects of our current situation that will strike us silly on the other side- appropriate or not. Because that's how humor works and how our spirits survive. It's how Pithitude was born, after all: a long streak of horrible followed by an abrupt bubbling of hysteria. And then a shift of perspective that resulted in funny animals talking smack. Try writing a business plan based on that!
So I've made one drawing. And it's not funny. But it's pretty and Spring-y and maybe even symbolic of the metamorphosis that I hope our community can achieve through our current cocooning and self-care. 
Meet you on the brighter side!