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F- Francisella Magnet or Button -M14
F- Francisella Magnet or Button -M14

F- Francisella Magnet or Button -M14

Today's safety tip from the Center for Disease Control: (I did not make this up)

Avoid running over dead animals with your lawnmower, as this could result in contact with infected carcass tissue.

Gee, thanks, CDC!


Product Review from Joslyn:
"Absolutely adorable! I will definitely be back again!"



Tularemia is a disease of animals and humans caused by the bacterium Francisella tularensis. Rabbits, hares, and rodents are especially susceptible and often die in large numbers during outbreaks. Humans can become infected through several routes, including:

Tick and deer fly bites
Skin contact with infected animals
Ingestion of contaminated water
Laboratory exposure
Inhalation of contaminated dusts or aerosols
In addition, humans could be exposed as a result of bioterrorism.


I know you will be pleased with your purchase. They make terrific gifts. They are unique and inexpensive; guaranteed to generate smiles.

Each design begins as a hand-colored pencil drawing. The drawings are scanned and digitally edited. These are my original designs, and I retain full copyright ownership of the finished images. I use Epson Claria ink on glossy photo paper, covered with shiny Mylar. Each magnet and button is high-quality, sturdy, and made to last.



Pithitude. Laughter you can hold in your hand.

Materials: magnet,pinback button,humor

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