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Mycobacteria Magnet or Button -N3
Mycobacteria Magnet or Button -N3

Mycobacteria Magnet or Button -N3

No, my dear public, Consumption is not extinct. Either is Leprosy. Welcome to the land of the Mycobacterium. Fighting antibiotic treatments every day, like any good survivor would.


 Product Review from Lee:
"What a cool magnet! Mycobacteria is a force to be reckoned with but interesting to study."


Each design begins as a hand-colored pencil drawing. The drawings are scanned and digitally edited. These are my original designs, and I retain full copyright ownership of the finished images. I use Epson Claria ink on glossy photo paper, covered with shiny Mylar. Each magnet and button is high-quality, sturdy, and made to last.


I know you will be pleased with your purchase. They make terrific gifts. They are unique and inexpensive; guaranteed to generate smiles.


Pithitude. Laughter you can hold in your hand.

Materials: magnet,pinback button,humor


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